The peace of mind factor

When you think about strategic planning, crisis communications or risk management what comes to mind? Do you see it as a daunting task? Do you wonder where to start? Is it difficult to galvanize differing points of view around a dense, sometimes challenging topic. We get it.

But what if you were to start by thinking about strategy, crisis and risk plans as providing peace of mind?

First strategic planning today is all about shaping the future of an organization in an iterative process. Strategic planning has gone on a diet. Gone are the weighty five year plans that get stuffed in a binder and forgotten in favour of flexible and lean plans that speak to immediate and near future needs and point to the longer term vision. They are meant to screen and evaluate opportunities within a framework that spells out where the organization is headed and how it intends to get there.

Topping the peace of mind list, is crisis communication planning. Not to be confused with important but different operational crisis planning, crisis communication is about preparing in advance to protect your reputation when a sudden crisis hits your organization or when a smoldering crisis starts to get hot. A crisis communication plan is an insurance policy and every responsible organization should have one.

Every organization also balances risk vs. reward or opportunity. But there is a tendency to under estimate what could go wrong or to focus only on finances. For true peace of mind, it’s important to take an inventory of risks across all functions of your organization. Our risk management model will sort out the likelihood and consequences of each risk and help determine ways to mitigate high-level risk including policies and procedures to reduce the likelihood and lessen the impact.

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